“This is Patricia McCann…”

"Patricia McCann here..."Regular listeners to 1010 WINS no doubt hear her two, three, four times a day — but just who is Patricia McCann? Turns out her background is much broader than you might think after hearing her pitches for AT&T Wireless, Aamco, Golden Blossom Honey, Gold’s Horseradish, etc. Here’s a fascinating New York Times profile from 2004 that answers all your questions.

(Hat tip: Rix [via email])

photo: Ruby Washington/ The New York Times

Some people take American Idol very seriously.

Twenty dollars a month.

SelectQuote pitchman (and noted baritone singer) Dan Tullis, Jr.

I’m not sure exactly when it was that this frequently-heard ad went from annoying to strangely soothing in its familiarity and repetition. And repetition. And even more repetition.

Did I mention repetition?

But I do know exactly why I enjoy it: the performance of one Joel Clark, unsung SelectQuote representative. There’s just something about that pregnant pause, and the way his voice drops almost conspiratorially, when he says:

“His price?



[wait for it]



Twenty dollars a month.”

Pictured above, by the way, is not Joel Clark. It’s Dan Tullis, the “host” of the SelectQuote radio spots. You may remember him from his recurring role as Officer Dan on Married With Children, among other things. It turns out he’s also an acclaimed baritone who has appeared in several musicals.