“This is Patricia McCann…”

"Patricia McCann here..."Regular listeners to 1010 WINS no doubt hear her two, three, four times a day — but just who is Patricia McCann? Turns out her background is much broader than you might think after hearing her pitches for AT&T Wireless, Aamco, Golden Blossom Honey, Gold’s Horseradish, etc. Here’s a fascinating New York Times profile from 2004 that answers all your questions.

(Hat tip: Rix [via email])

photo: Ruby Washington/ The New York Times

3 responses to ““This is Patricia McCann…”

  1. Jim Bascotti aka DJ Jimmy Bond

    I used to know someone named Patricia McCann, who was a member of the Catholic Alumni Club of North Jersey.
    I Used to Provide DJ services for their monthly dances and was wondering if this is the same Patricia McCann That Was President of the C.A.C in the Mid 1980s.
    Jimmy Bascotti

  2. I can’t stand her. It sounds like she is trying to convince my mom to buy a smart-phone or something else that she doesn’t need. She’ so snooty, a self proclaimed sultan of commercial advertising. For some reason, I just imagine her reading the commercials in a room full of men fanning her feeding her grapes while complimenting her on how fabulous she is.

    Nice to know you can make a living trying to convince people you have been somewhere or use something when that is for sure not the case. Like she has ever set foot inside an electronics store or used a dating service. Please.

  3. Ack! Off WOR since 1983! I would’ve sworn her program was on just a few months ago. Now I feel so old. I guess hearing her recorded ads gives the impression she’s still “on the radio”. Not that I really cared for her program, it was just there. Nor was I tempted to try Crunchy Yogurt.

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